Give us a little sugar…

Give us a little sugar…

             When I was little, my Great Uncle Al used to always greet me with, “Come here and give me a little sugar.”  I knew then that just one little kiss on the cheek would go a long way in making a sweet old man happy.  When he was weak from cancer, I could see it went even farther.  Those little drops of sugar helped nourish a man who supported a gigantic family, a huge network of people that drew strength from the foundation he created.

            As an avid gardener, I think about the mycorrhizal winrar download free bodies that extend their webs throughout the soil to support the diverse ecosystems that make this world beautiful.  I think they are so selflessly giving a foundation for a huge network of life on this planet…and all they ask from the plants in return is for a little drop of sugar every once in a while.

We want to be the central mycorrhizal body that reaches out to support a huge network of people, plants and animals, starting from our Brooklyn neighborhood and extending out to touch as many lives as possible.  All we need to do this is a little drop of sugar every once in a while.

Each little bit counts, and every time you support our business, you are helping us support more people than you could ever imagine. Simply consider what’s in the Brooklyn neighborhood alone: Bushwhacker Cider, Portland Juice Press, K & F Coffee, Foxfire Looseleaf Tea, Know Thy Food/Warehouse Café, Eastside and House Distilleries, Harvester Brewery and New Cascadia Traditional Bakery.  Those are all small, family owned businesses that are still operated by the folks that started them.   And they are businesses that support Pacific Northwest farmers, ranchers, fishers and artisans of all kinds.  Our web reaches far and wide to support a system that is working for positive change.

Help us make this world a better place.  All we need is a little drop of sugar.

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