The Brooklyn Crew

A restaurant for the people, by the people!

We are more than a staff of people; we are a family that has developed over the course of 14 years. We have stayed strong for each other through the tough stuff and celebrated with each other through the great stuff. We work together as a cohesive team reaching for a common goal: nourishing our guests, our community and our earth.

We are a part of the Brooklyn neighborhood and we are so grateful to have such a strong network of awesome people. Our neighbors have become some of our closest friends and our biggest supporters, and we are ecstatic to offer a comfortable place for our friends to feel at home.

Sustainability has many components often left unnoticed. We are committed to providing a sustainable work environment to ensure that our crew can have full, healthy lives. We are committed to providing sustainable prices and nourishing foods for our guests to ensure that people can come again and again without feeling guilty. We are planning for the future of what we have right now, rather than thinking about what we move on to next.

This is who we are.  We are friends, neighbors, confidants, teachers, mothers and fathers. We are The Brooklyn Crew!