We’re changing the name of the game

from “local when possible, to “local, with a few exceptions”

We understand that everyone does better when EVERYONE does better. We are committed to purchasing what we need from the folks around us, because we truly believe that will make the world around us a better place. We proudly present some of the businesses that are making this possible.

The more things change, the more things stay the same. We have a long list of local produce farmers, dairy farmers, urban farmers, ranchers, foragers, cheese-makers, grain-millers, coffee-roasters, chocolate-roasters, meat-smokers, oil-pressers & -curers, wine-makers – all manner of artisan producers who have stood strong in a storm of industrial food destruction & proliferated the Slow Food Movement that allows our restaurant to exist.

New Casacadia Traditional Bakery Winters Farms Produce & PotatoesSun Gold Farm Beans
Rainshadow El Rancho Pastured Pork Rick Steffen Farm Produce DeNoble Farm Produce
Persephone Farm Organic Produce & Greens Springwater Farm MushroomsEat OR First Rabbit
Carman Ranch Grass-fed & -finished BeefSuDan Farm Pastured Lamb Flying Fish Seafood
Highgrove Farm Organic Apples & ProduceDancing Chicken Farm Pastured EggsEdelweiss Deli Sausages
Heart 2 Heart Farm Pastured AlpacaHomegrown Food Products Fresh KrautSeaview Organic Cranberries

“…and the bounty of our homes’ trees, bushes, brambles, patches, woods, fields & friends.
from the deepest part of ourselves, we offer sincere gratitude to everyone joining us in this delicious revolution

– The Brooklyn House Crew