It’s a Date!

Grand Re-opening: Wednesday September 23, 2015  

5:00pm to 10:00pm

Reservations very much appreciated and recommended


Our GoFundMe fundraiser is still active.  Please consider contributing; everything helps.

After over three months of waiting and wondering, we are thrilled to finally announce the date of our grand reopening.  We still have a great deal to accomplish in these coming days (including finishing the floors and painting the entire house!), but we are now confident that our timeline is realistic enough to release to the public.  We hope that you will join us to celebrate, and to see all of the beautiful changes. They have proved to be the silver linings of this otherwise stressful and frustrating bump in the road.

We will open as a dinner restaurant only, with the possibility of more in the future.  For now,

our new hours will be WEDNESDAY thru SUNDAY, 5:00 to 10:00.

For those who are not aware of what happened, or for those who are still a little unclear about what exactly did happen, here is a little recap:

In late May, we announced that we would close on the first Sunday in June to get a three-day stretch of house renovations.  We took up our old carpet, sanded the original hard wood floors, polished them with linseed oil, painted the walls and floors in the downstairs area by the restrooms, and cleaned the entire house from top to bottom……..all in temperatures ranging from 90 to 98 degrees throughout the days.


We finished on Tuesday evening around 5:00.  As we were locking up, we left a plastic bucket on our front porch that was about a quarter-full of linseed oil with a lid set loosely on top.   We left it there so it wouldn’t leave a ring mark on our newly polished floors.  The bucket was in the shade, but the heat was too much and the liquid was too low in the bucket, allowing dangerous gases to build up.  That gas spontaneously combusted into flames.  The flames melted the side of the bucket, hopped over to a number of flammable items within reach (including the carpet), climbed up the side of our front porch and licked the tip of our roof around the rain gutters.

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The folks who own Southeast Grind ran to the rescue with a fire extinguisher and put out the fire while customers at Bushwhacker Cider called the fire department.  By the time firefighters arrived, the fire was just a smoldering mess to manage rather than a full-scale house fire that could have put us out of business.  Ultimately, we owe the continuation of our business to these brave, loving people.

Immediately upon arrival, the fire inspector approached my vehicle to assure me that he knew exactly what had caused the fire and that he was positive it was an accident.  He said that it was the second time that week and it was only Tuesday!

So this is the point where I will add a clear public service announcement…



The next day we gathered to access the damage and decide what to do.  We discussed closing the restaurant and cutting our losses, but we fought through the feelings of defeat and reached out to our biggest fans.  Within a few days, we had raised over $5,000.  That completely carried us until we started to see financial help from our insurance company and gave us a sincere belief that this restaurant is worth fighting for.  And now that the construction is all coming together, it’s starting to LOOK like a restaurant worth fighting for.


Now we are over three months down the road and we have almost missed the entire summer bounty.  Because the insurance money comes in tiny spits and spurts, we were not able to stock up on fruits and veggies to preserve for winter.  Now that we are getting close to reopening, we have asked our glorious farmers to extend some short-term credit so we can take advantage of September’s harvest.  Again we are reminded of why we love them all so much.

So while Kennedy Reconstruction finishes their beautiful work on our beloved house, we are getting our creative juices flowing and getting our hands dirty.  Tomorrow we will be gone pickin’ at Sauvie Island Farms to collect a variety of corns, peppers and tomatoes to fire roast then vacuum seal for winter.  We also hear there are a few golden raspberries that we will vacuum seal as well.  On Saturday we will go to the PSU Farmer’s Market to get a big load of essentially every pepper under the hot hot sun, a variety of onions and tomatoes, peaches and berries.  As we play and process, we will use the inspiration of beautiful produce to create our newest menu.

Worry not, because the most treasured items will remain.  Goulash, Alfredo, Crispy Kale and Grilled Sweet Potatoes are safe.  But the last menu was written in early spring, so anyone who knows us knows that we couldn’t possibly reopen with that menu in early fall….

We would like to thank everyone for being so patient and supportive, and for taking the time to reach out during the closure.  It has been so reassuring to know that people are waiting in the wings to devour our food.  We will post the new menu as soon as it is ready, and we will look forward to your taking your reservations soon.