A Proceeds Day for Outgrowing Hunger

September 27th, 2014 from Noon to 9:45

Outgrowing Hunger

5-course Dinner beginning at 6:00

Reservations are required; no set seating times


 10% of REVENUES (not profits) for the entire day will be donated to

Outgrowing Hunger,

which helps the poorest communities in East Portland 

get large garden spaces to raise nutritious food.

They empower the poor and feed the malnourished…

and they need our help.


We want sustainability to be at the heart of everything that we do, and sustainability is a very dynamic concept.  It’s more than “local”, “healthy” or “eco-friendly”.  All of those concepts play their roles, but there is a bigger picture.  We call ourselves a sustainable company, but what does that really mean?  Ultimately, we concluded that sustainability is something that we must constantly reach for, even though we may never fully grasp.  Our challenge is to find the balance between supporting ourselves and supporting others; being sure to give all that we can without putting the restaurant in jeopardy.


We decided to team up with Outgrowing Hunger because we share a common mission: increase wide-spread access to nutritious foods that were naturally and locally produced.  Our business will never truly be successful while so many in our community go hungry.  This month marks one year of helping raise funds for Outgrowing Hunger, and there are many years to come.  Unfortunately, the need for food assistance is perpetual and so must be our commitment to providing it.


Our sponsors are donating and discounting food for this event because 10% of revenues (not profits) is a huge donation for a struggling restaurant like ours.  These donations are vital to the sustainability of this project, allowing us to do more events like this in the future as well as continue our daily operations of supporting local farms and offering nutritious meals.  The people behind these companies see the clear benefit in participating in this event because they know the value of a healthy, thriving community.  Our gratitude runs deep, and we are proud to partner with such amazing businesses.


These are the outrageously generous folks who have already joined us in supporting Outgrowing Hunger:


Gerstenfarm, donating non-GMO, organic, free-range duck eggs and organic produce

dalyn & chicken

Whole Foods Market, donating a ton of produce, as well as 18 year-aged balsamic


Finnriver Cider, donating a variety of artisan ciders


Rick Steffen Farm, offering a 20% discount on their produce order for that day

rick steffen banner

Outgrowing Hunger Gardens, is bringing produce, of course

OGH logo

DeNoble Farms donated a bunch of heirloom brassica, golden & red beets, & more!

DeNoble Farm

Full of Life Farms donated THREE BOXES 100% grass-fed & -finished beef & bones

full of life farm

Vivacity Spirits donated a bottle of their direct-trade Turkish Coffee Liquor

Vivacity Coffee

The 5-course dinner menu has us utterly thrilled:

Oregon Cheese, Fruit & Honey Plate….paired w/ Hellfire White Wine

Salad Nicoise w/ seared Washington Albacore…..paired w/ Finnriver Fresh Hopped Cider

Duck Confit w/ brassica & delicata…paired w/ Finnriver Farmstead Apple

Beef Short Ribs w/ demi glace & purple carrot puree…paired w/ Finnriver Sparkling

Apple, Pear & Quince Crisp w/ cranberry sauce & whipped cream…paired w/ Finnriver Black Current